The web portal of Karl Lindheimer

Chief Technology Visionary

December 19, 2017

Sample image I consider myself a "Technological Visionary."  I dream up technological applications and inventions that I believe will one day become reality.  I grew up watching science fiction on television and in the movies and saw the potential for some of those creations to make life better for us humans.  I am also an accomplished inventor as well, and in my lab I solder, drill, cut, wire and test various circuits and then turn my efforts into reality.  My latest project is designing and constructing an emergency solar lantern suitable for rescue workers and citizens alike.  Sure, there are plenty of solar lanterns already in use, but I designed this one to fully charge in under 4 hours from the sun to provide several days of bright lighting during an emergency.  My specifications are that it is small, lightweight, durable, can charge a cell phone or tablet computer as well as offering 5 modes of illumination including strobe and SOS mode all from 1 simple button.  My prototypes meet these specifications and are in a durability testing mode now.